A Light In the Darkness

A Light In The Darkness Episode 1 - Carly Robison

June 14, 2020

In this first episode Carly Robison shares her own story of finding light in her personal darkness. We find out that she has essentially been living the "pandemic lifestyle" for over 10 years, after being diagnosed with severe food allergies, including being extremely sensitive to airborne peanuts/peanut butter. This allergy has made it so she is pretty much home bound, and unable to participate in a lot of life. Isolation, loneliness, and occasional hopelessness led her to find ways to keep a positive mindset while facing her own "new normal." Carly started this podcast so she can share the things she's learned, hoping to help others as they face difficult times in their own lives. A Light in the Darkness.

You can reach Carly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at A Light In the Darkness, or at https://carlyrobison.org

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