A Light In the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness Episode 13 - Brandie Paterakis

September 9, 2020

Brandie Paterakis graduated from the University of Utah with her Masters Degree in Social work.  She has a true love for life and it is apparent in her larger than life positive attitude, and her ability to make her home an energetic environment. Brandie enjoys spending time with her husband of 22 years, and her four dramatic teenage daughters. They enjoy being fun and crazy, while always looking for projects and activities to do together as a family. 

Brandie shares with us the story of her father, Fire Fighter Robin L. Pilcher.  Captain Pilcher passed away due to pancreatic cancer, which he got due to breathing in toxins while being a part of Utah's Task Force 1, who were sent to New York to help with recovery efforts after September 11th.  Brandie talks about how her dad taught her to use humor and laughter to get through difficult times. She shares amazing stories from his experiences, and really helps us to remember there are people who are STILL suffering from the effects of the attacks that day.

You can learn more about Captain Pilcher and other heroes here: https://heroslastcall.wordpress.com

You can contact Brandie at South Point Counseling Services, or on social media @BrandiePilcherPaterakis

You can learn more about the FealGood Foundation and how to help other first responders here: https://fealgoodfoundation.com

You can see the pictures Brandie mentioned of her father and their family in a blog post I wrote about this episode here:

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