A Light In the Darkness

A Light In the Darkness Episode 23 - Mark Davis

November 18, 2020

Mark Davis is a husband, dad, and awesome DJ.  In this episode he shares with us his experiences of growing up with a dad who had a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis, that left him physically and eventually even mentally impaired. As an adult his worst fear was realized when he was also diagnosed with MS.  Mark tells the lessons he had learned from his dad, the tender mercies and miracles that have carried him, and the wonderful people who have supported him through this journey.

Mark talked about a new treatment that put his MS into remission.  His doctor has unfortunately since retired, but you can find more information here.  He has had friends do the same treatment here with miraculous results, just like his. https://hsctmexico.com/

If you want to contact Mark you can email him at spindoctormd@hotmail.com

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