A Light In the Darkness
A Light In the Darkness Episode 7 - Becky Mackintosh

A Light In the Darkness Episode 7 - Becky Mackintosh

July 29, 2020

Becky Mackintosh is a popular speaker known for her inspirational stories, honest approach and open heart. She enjoys traveling, humanitarian work and caramel apples. She is the best-selling author of Love Boldly: Embracing your LGBTQ Loved Ones and Your Faith. She is the proud and humbled mother of seven children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren. She lives in Lehi, Utah, with her husband, Scott, in a nest that’s never quite empty.

After one of her sons came out as gay, Becky found herself becoming more open about her experiences as a Latter-day Saint mother of an LGBTQ loved one. As more people learned of her story, she began receiving emails and calls from other concerned parents of LGBTQ children as well as the LGBTQ themselves. Since then, she has armed herself with helpful tools, having completed certifications in QPR and Youth Mental Health First Aid as well as a Grief Support.  


The Mackintosh family was filmed for the "Mormon and Gay" website, a video that now has over a million views.  If you'd like to learn why, you can visit: 

The Mackintosh Story


You can reach Becky on social media, or on her website http://www.beckymackintosh.com


You can find Becky's book here: Love Boldly: Embracing Your LGBTQ Love Ones and Your Faith

A Light In the Darkness Episode 6 - Drew Young

A Light In the Darkness Episode 6 - Drew Young

July 22, 2020

Drew Young is a native of the east coast, and now resides in Utah with his wife and daughter. He studied at Brigham Young University where he helped in teaching and developing curriculum for various student development courses. He’s been sharing his story with numerous audiences for the past five years, and has been featured in LDS Living's YouTube series and magazine.

Drew shares his story of battling separation anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts after coming home early from his LDS mission.  He said "It was in these moments that I learned a valuable lesson: we all have a mission, both in and out of the Church, and there is meaning in our missions. Regardless of what we may be going through: struggling with pornography addiction, lack of testimony, same sex attraction, feeling lonely and forgotten, experiencing mental illness, etc, there is purpose behind our pain, and there is hope in our struggle. It's up to us: are we going to go through life, or grow through life?"

You can contact Drew on Facebook (Drew Young, Cedar Fort Books) and Instagram (@mrdrewbyoung)

You can order Drew's book on Amazon and at Cedar Fort Publishing.

A Light In the Darkness Episode 5 - Jake Melton

A Light In the Darkness Episode 5 - Jake Melton

July 15, 2020

“ Love where you live.” That’s the mission of Utah Realtor Jake Melton. He has moved 12 times in the last 8 years and has come to appreciate what it means to live somewhere you love. He helps his clients not only find homes they love, but makes sure they are also in love with their neighborhoods and communities.

Along with being a licensed real estate agent, Jake is a public speaker, author, and mental health advocate. In 2018, Jake published Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap, a book about the essence of minimalism and what it means to live a simplified, decluttered life. (You can purchase it here.) He has spoken to thousands on stages around the country and was a leading voice on LinkedIn in 2019.

Jake initially pursued minimalism at a point in his life when he couldn’t find any other options to cope with his mental health struggles. Diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, he has also dealt with Tourette Syndrome since he was a little boy. Jake has become a proud voice and representative for the Tourette Association of America and spends as much time as he can supporting Tourette Syndrome and other mental health causes.

He, his wife of 8 years, and their two beautiful children live in Salt Lake City, UT. He loves real estate, design, exploration, traveling, Diet Coke, personal development, basketball, music, bbq, and the beach.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jake, either to hire him as your Realtor or to book him to speak, you can visit his website www.meltonrealtyteam.com or reach him via social media @slchomeboy

A Light In the Darkness Episode 4 - Tina Kirkman

A Light In the Darkness Episode 4 - Tina Kirkman

July 8, 2020

CANCER PATIENT TRIGGER WARNING:  Tina Kirkman is a military wife, mother, and lover of all things football!  Tina's husband KC is a former Air Force reserve member who served our country right after September 11th happened, and who is currently serving in the National Guard.  Over the years Tina has had some pretty big challenges throughout her life - including multiple cancer diagnoses, overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs, and most recently the loss of her Father In Law to COVID-19. Through her challenges Tina has learned to focus on the positive, and keep going no matter what.  Tina was ultimately diagnosed with terminal cancer, and in April 2019 she and her husband had to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.  She is now doing her best to live in the moment, and create lasting memories with her loved ones. 

If you want to contact Tina you can email her at kcandtina@hotmail.com

A Light In the Darkness Episode 3 - Alex Lamoreaux

A Light In the Darkness Episode 3 - Alex Lamoreaux

June 30, 2020
Alex Lamoreaux grew up on a 7-acre hobby farm with her parents and two sisters, in Lehi, UT. Although she was the middle child, she was anything but quiet. She participated in dance, karate, and even beauty pageants, ultimately competing for Miss Utah in 2012. She graduated with her B.S. degree from the U of U in Communications with hopes to attend law school. Ultimately, she decided a graduate degree in social work felt like the right path. She continued her education by completing her Master's Degree at BYU. She has not abandoned her dreams of law school, and is determined to attend one day. Her work as a therapist brings her great fulfillment as she helps clients navigate complex interpersonal situations and heal from traumas. 
Alex married her high school sweetheart in 2014 and she and her husband are the doting parents of two beautiful boys Darren Jude and Tucker Don. This February brought an enormous trial as one of their children got extremely sick and ended up in the hospital.  Alex shares how she relied on faith, prayers, and some of the things she learned through her education to sustain her as they watched their little boy slip away.  
You can reach her at seek.solutionstherapy@gmail.com or on Instagram @seek.solutionstherapy and @alex.lam
A Light In the Darkness Episode 2 - Jodi Pettit

A Light In the Darkness Episode 2 - Jodi Pettit

June 24, 2020

On this episode Carly interviews Jodi Pettit.  Jodi Pettit is a wife, mother of 5, medical laboratory scientist & an athlete. At the age of 19 she was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. At the time a rheumatologist advised Jodi to not have children. The doctor stated that her disease was severe, her best hope was to slow down the progression, and that she would be wheel chair bound within a decade and that having children she couldn’t care for was selfish and irresponsible. This was devastating news to a young newly wed who had dreams of a family and an active lifestyle with her husband. With the support of her husband Jodi learned to live with her disease and have a family. She has cared for her children and always stayed active and achieved big goals. Jodi has ran 8 marathons, countless half’s, a Full Ironman, a handful of Half Ironman’s and XTERRA off road triathlon qualifying for and racing in their World Championship race in Maui in 2018. She has not missed a day of actively moving since December 10, 2013. Her passion and goal is to share hope, by sharing her story Jodi hopes to inspire in others a desire to fight their own battles. No matter how dark, painful, depressing the circumstances you may be facing, they do not need to be permanent. There is joy, success and happiness to be found in the journey. Jodi Pettit has found light in her personal darkness. 

 You can get in contact with Jodi on Facebook at Jodi Brunson Pettit.

A Light In The Darkness Episode 1 - Carly Robison

A Light In The Darkness Episode 1 - Carly Robison

June 14, 2020

In this first episode Carly Robison shares her own story of finding light in her personal darkness. We find out that she has essentially been living the "pandemic lifestyle" for over 10 years, after being diagnosed with severe food allergies, including being extremely sensitive to airborne peanuts/peanut butter. This allergy has made it so she is pretty much home bound, and unable to participate in a lot of life. Isolation, loneliness, and occasional hopelessness led her to find ways to keep a positive mindset while facing her own "new normal." Carly started this podcast so she can share the things she's learned, hoping to help others as they face difficult times in their own lives. A Light in the Darkness.

You can reach Carly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at A Light In the Darkness, or at https://carlyrobison.org

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